Marcel Bach

Marcel Bach


Meinl Sonic Energy

Star Sign: Aries   
Currently living in: Muenster
Favorite Food: Vegetarian
Favorite Drink: Water, tea, coffee, beer
Car that you currently drive: Volvo V70
Not counting drums, what do you do for fun? Windsurfing, landsailing, songwriting, having a good time with my family
Drumming since: 1981
With EVANS since: 2014  
Matched Grip or Traditional Grip? The first ten years I played traditional grip only, then both.
Teacher: Wolfgang Basler, Jörg Lesch, Danny Sahupala, Hans Dekker, René Engel, Bruno Castellucci, Kirk Covington
Highlight of your career so far: Release of my Drum DVD “Soundsurfer” 2006, my first Drumfestival participation 2007, winning the German Rock & Pop Award 2008 in the category “best drummer”  and 2012 in the category “best instrumental soloist”, release of my drumbook “Schlagzeug Training” 2010
Drumming strengths: Timing, dynamik, sound, independence & versatility
Drumming means to me: A part of my personality, to express myself, to be creative and to make a living
Advice for up and coming drummers: Listen to many different styles of music of different decades. Take lessons by a good and motivating drumteacher and practise a lot. Always start to practise very slowly. Besides drums, learn to play the guitar, bass or piano. Become a member of a band.
How would you describe yourself: Friendly and patient (mostly), helpful and open-minded (always)
When I look back on my life one day, I would like to be able to say: Same again, please!

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